Carton packing machine

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Product Description:

Specially design forcarton packing of beer, beverage, bottled water, medicament, food etc. Themachine saves 1/5 material cost than traditional packing type. The machine areequipped with convergence system and touch screen to control every function ofoperation, including automatic amending and memory different packingspecification data. The machine applies one-time forming system, uniquetechnology of carton pressing to enable to perfect packing effect, reduce laborcost and lower the request for cardboard. Equipped with well-known hot meltequipment, the machine is durable and easy for operation. Packing effect isartistic and easy for storing and transportation.

Machine Dimention

8870 X 3000 X 1820 MM 


About 5000 kg 


35 cartons per minute

Source power

380 V 50HZ 

Control power

24 V DC/AC 

Total power

13 KW

Consumption of compressed air

120 NL/minute

Pressure of compressed air

6 BAR 

Packing type

Carton wrapping

Carton board type

Pre-cut forming carton board