Sleeve labeling machines has a good performance and can work at different speeds

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The mixer is a soft drink that can be used to automatically produce lemons, cola, fruit juice drinks and all kinds of carbonated soft drinks or non carbonated drinks. It is also suitable for the production of soft drinks in the production of mineral water, grape juice, fruit juice and apple juice. Comparison of domestic production of the same type of product, it has a more functional, strong adaptability. Widely used, mixed precision, easy to adjust, accord with the characteristics of health, the structure is novel and reasonable, appearance neat, the structure adopts closed system, and can meet the requirements of cleaning and disinfection, suitable for production of carbonated drinks, and can easily adjust the production capacity and water and syrup ratio. Combined with electrical control and other devices, the degree of automation is high, the action coordination, production continuity, mixed results, the characteristics of large production capacity. Is currently the advanced soda mixing equipment.